Experience Aboriginal Australia ~ in the heart of Brisbane

Experience Aboriginal Australia ~ in the heart of Brisbane

The Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Inc. Invite you to experience one of our Cultural Programs


‘For the Preservation, Promotion & Presentation of

Aboriginal Culture & Heritage’musg

*   *   *


CULTURAL EDUCATION ~ Workshops or Performances:

Traditional Corroboree

* Didjeridoo Performance

* Aboriginal History

* Learn Corroboree

* Bush Tucker tasting

* Arts ‘n’ Crafts on sale

* Boomerang Throwing

* Paint your own Boomerang
* Traditional Native Plant Weaving of the Torres Straits

* Meet the Artists and Community Elders

Finding Cheap Removalists in Melbourne

Finding Cheap Removalists in Melbourne
There’s no denying that moving is an expensive undertaking. People who are moving have so many different costs to consider. This is why it’s always so helpful to cut costs as much as possible during the moving process. If a homeowner is moving to another house, working with an inexpensive removalist business can be a smart idea. There are many cheap removalists in Melbourne, thankfully. 

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If an individual is diligent about finding dependable and cheap removalists in Melbourne, he should be successful in his efforts. Since Melbourne has so many budget removalist companies, pinpointing a reliable one is practically inevitable for people.