Musgrave Park

musgrave park

The first formal submission for an Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Musgrave Park, was lodged to the Queensland State Government in 1985.  The Indigneous community and supporters continued to lobby the government over many years.  In 1998, the Brisbane City Council gave their commitment and support and designated a part of the Musgrave Park area for the Site of the Cultural Centre.  

Musgrave Park is a sacred place; traditionally it was our place of business and survival; since european settlement, Musgrave Park remains sacred – our meeting place”.

In 1997 the Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Inc was established by both Indigneous and non-Indigenous members, as the authorised entity to lead and manage the Centre; to make our community’s vision a reality.

‘To maintain our meeting place that is community owned and controlled and provides the facilities for the Preservation, Promotion and Presentationof Aboriginal culture and heritage’

In 2008 the construction of the new Cultural Centre facilities was being developed in consultation with the local Aboriginal community through Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Inc.

Reflecting the importance Musgrave Park plays as an Aboriginal place, the Musgrave Park Cultural Centre will provide a space for teaching culture to the younger genreations and the general public; for the Indigenous Artists to develop their skills and promote their works; as well as providing employment and training opportunities and as a venue, the Site for hosting festivals and events, conducting ceremonies and hosting community celebrations.

The new Cultural Centre will have an exhibition and gallery space, conference and training facilities, indoor and outdoor performance areas, separate meeting spaces for men, women and children and a “yarning” circle. While development is being undertaken, the Musgrave Park Cultural Centre operates from the Jagera Arts Hall.

Functions of the Cultural Centre include:
focus for Aboriginal culture in Brisbane, south east Queensland

venue for the display of traditional and contemporary Indigenous visual and performing arts

A place for teaching culture to the next generation of Aboriginal children and youth and the wider community

A centre of learning and referral support

A place for the local community and visitors to Brisbane to learn about Aboriginal culture, society and history

A focus for the interaction between the Aboriginal community, other major arts and cultural organisations in Brisbane
    >   The new Musgrave Park Cultural Centre will provide:

                   >  Conference and meeting rooms 

                   >  Art gallery and exhibition space

>  Theatrette – performing arts space

>  Visual and performing artists workshop space

>  Café, Retail shop sales of Indigenous Australian arts and crafts

> Cultural Education Programs


Developments of our Centre

Millennium Arts Project
  The Millennium Arts Project, announced in 2000, is a major commitment of the Queensland Government to upgrade and expand arts and cultural facilities throughout Queensland

Millennium Arts Project Executive Summary   The Millennium Arts Project (MAP) is Queensland’s largest capital works project in Arts for three decades.

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